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Melissa - She's the sister who programs! She's really funny and smart. She also enjoys talking to people more than just about anything else in the world. If you find a bug in our games, or just have questions about game development in general, she's a great one to get in touch with! Besides making all the engines and development software we use, she's also a gifted writer.

E-mail: Melissa@unseenkingdom.com
Twitter: @Loop_Princess
Amy - I'm the sister who draws and makes our webpages. I did production art restoration before going into game development, so if my art has a distinct look, that's probably why. I spend a lot of time by myself either writing or drawing, but I really do like meeting all the lovely people who enjoy games and art as much as I do! So I hope you'll say "hi" to me^-^

E-mail: Amy@unseenkingdom.com
Twitter: @Unseen_Kingdom

We make up the sister duo who runs UnseenKingdom.com; a game development studio with a focus on heartful, character driven gameplay.

Not that epic, galaxy saving adventures are bad! We've played a lot of those RPGs, and have at least one adventure-type game in early development now. It has always seemed to us, however, that if you can't make yourself understand the people in the story, how can you possibly care about the outcome? No matter how epic it may be...

Through this, we hope to make a rich gaming experience that will entertain and encourage every player who enters into the world we created for them.