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My sister has been doing a lot of writing for one of our new projects. To lighten her load a little, I'm studying our new game development software.

My gosh, this programming stuff is tricky. And... a lot of fun. It's neat building things, making worlds out of numbers and logic instead of lines and color. Amazing too just how similar the work is in some ways.
(Of course, it helps that my sister is super supportive and awesome~)

I'm sure what I've built so far is nothing to people who really know the field. But it's so much more than I would have thought I could do. So if you're an artist who wants to try something sciencey, or an engineer with a song stuck in your head; never be afraid to try something new, OK? You might just surprise yourself! And maybe learn a little bit more about the things we all have in common.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! You're awesome~

Much love,